Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Homage to the Alliums

In addition to an excellent garlic harvest, here are a few things going on around the farm and homestead.


One better than a Caveman solar oven. Wheel barrow, Reflective heat wrap, and pane of glass being used to experimentally pasteurize coffee grounds for Oyster Mushroom Production. More to come on that later...

First summer squash picking. Tastes like Summer...

ELEPHANT GARLIC (spelled big because it IS big)

Shallots. These are my first attempt at growing and now curing shallots. Grilled some fresh last night with some Tink's Beef Goat Gouda topped burger patties and sauteed Costata Romanesco Zucchinni and Elephant Garlic, Shallots and Onions. And some Fingerlings Potatoes ala Walker Farms to boot. It is meals like this that make the gardening life worthwhile.

We will have freed up quite a bit of Real-Estate at NF when the potatoes come out of the ground next week. Now for a late Spring and Early summer jump on more tomatoes, squash peppers okra and white acre peas. YUMMM

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  1. looking good Brian. look forward to a visit sometime