Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring is on It's Way

This has been a lovely little taste of spring! Some of the early transplants of amaranths and basil along with a few tomatoes and cucumbers have been set outside to "harden off" for a few days in the warmth and breeze. Cover crops are getting tilled in and compost is a cookin. The wheat straw bales from Beech Island were a little soggy from the last 4 inches of rain that we got so some of them have been split up and layed out to dry. The field of potatoes has a full layer of straw mulch in preparation for this weekend's expected showers. The English and Sugar Snap Peas are on their way up and reaching out for their trellises. The cabbages, kale and broccoli have survived the most recent freeze after transplanting and are recovering with a little help from mother nature in the last week. The heater is set back up for these next few nights in the greenhouse though. There is still a little bit more winter left in the breeze. Keep those tomatoes, eggplants and peppers warm.