Monday, November 17, 2008

Over four inches!

From 111708

Our Broccoli was happy to see the rain!

Cold weather on the way...

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Broccoli with cereal rye and vetch cover crop beyond.

From 111708

Close up of rye with vetch. Rye acts as a good biomass addition to the soil, while vetch (a legume) fixes atmospheric nitrogen via rhizobium spp. bacteria contained in root nodules. This makes for a great cover crop by growing fertilizer and preventing run-off in our cool season downpours.

From 111708

The barn is nearing completion.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rain Rain and More Rain

We just had some drought relief come on Thursday through Friday in the form of almost 5 inches of rain. Things were still looking fairly wet as of last night. We will see how things have dried out Monday morning.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Fall

Well we are now fully immersed in Fall. Blue Clays first fall is going great. We just pulled out the fall zucchini crop and hidden under the foliage is the inter plantings of fava beans, carrots and some early field lettuces. I uncovered a few friends hiding in some of the old compost and have spotted a 4 point buck twice out in the day time. We have also added a beehive to the gardens to help pollinate the crops and also provide some seasonal honey! The volunteer effort has made this first year and second season a success. Thanks to Kate, Melissa, Kevin and Amy for all the support!

Just found out that the snake is a eastern kingsnake and the toad is a southern toad. Both good animals to have around the farm. The kingsnake will eat mice and rats and the toads eat some of the little buggers that we don't want on the plants.