Friday, June 20, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slide Show Update

Here we have the latest from Blue Clay Farm. We have some squash, tomatoes, flowers and plenty of foliage coming in. Basil, beans, eggplant and okra are soon to follow.
In the slideshow are examples of some of the preventative and combative measures that we can use in organic farming. These are neem oil based products which can be very effective. The one on the left contains some salts that have more "knock down" power than just neem itself. Neem oil itself acts as a good deterrant due to its scent and oily nature.
Also included in the slides is a stitch job on our fence around the back field. We finally had some interlopers try and test the wall. At least one (possibly two) deer were able to invade our plastic fortress. They jumped over, just at our water service and near the gate. Whoever went first did not clear the fence and go caught up in the top half. Following their prints, it seems like they got inside and were rattled by the tangling experience. Something then spooked our split hooved friends to run directly across the raised beds and the whole field then straight through the adjacent side from entering. What does this mean? Hopefully they won't want to tangle with our fortitude again! We have repaired the wounds and added some human and animal scents around the border to help deter these galloping cubed steaks.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


These photos come courtesy of Justin Oguni who is in Vet Med at UGA. We have both of these on the farm. Damsel Flies and Dragon Flies are both beneficial insects to have around and good indicators of an areas general biological health.
-Thanks for the pics Justin. These guys are hard to get on film!

We received a load of compost from Humble Acre Organics and top dressed all of our tomatoes, cukes and squash. So far, the results look promising. The compost helps hold water that is delivered via drip tape near the base of the plant. At the same time it provides a multitude of beneficial substancess to the plant in a slow release organic form.

Due to the intense heat this week, we applied some sunscreen for our transplants. Again, kaolin, comes into play here at Blue Clay. The White substance on the plant pictured is micronized kaolin. It acts as a heat reflectant and provides some repellent action against certain pests such as leafhoppers. Protection from sunburn and insects. It is calles Surround WP and is available through most organic material suppliers.


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