Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Time and the Livings Busy

So Much change in a month. I will have new pictures to put up soon. Thanks to Lush Life Nurseries this weekend for the open house. Tomato sandwiches, Crinums and a hundred or so of our combined favorite friends.

In the Ground:
Okra, White Acre Peas, Mixed assortment of Heirloom tomatoes, Lots of mixed peppers both sweet and hot, 2nd round of squash, Celosia, Buckwheat and Sorghum(covercrops)

Our tomatoes and peppers have been all No-Till and are looking pretty fair so far.
Winter cover crop (cereal rye and vetch)> mowed and mulched> poultry litter and Calphos additions> bermuda straw layer> 1 month of solarization with clear plastic> 5oz woven fabric mulch with drip line underneath> cut fabric, amend and plant through fabric.
So Far so good. We have some good green tomatoes already hanging on our cedar trellis. Anytime now...

We finally got some rain after about a 3 week drought in the garden so I got to hit the rain delay on the irrigation controller for the first time this season.

Irrigation is now officially being run off of the solar panels and battery bank. Cross your fingers that it doesn't malfunction in this crucial transplant and hot period. Again, so far so good.

More to come. It's amazing how quickly the summer can get by.

Favorite Fresh Food: Canary Melons from Walker Farms. If you've never had one, then you should. They made a melon eater out of me :) Water melons are also in full force!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Homage to the Alliums

In addition to an excellent garlic harvest, here are a few things going on around the farm and homestead.


One better than a Caveman solar oven. Wheel barrow, Reflective heat wrap, and pane of glass being used to experimentally pasteurize coffee grounds for Oyster Mushroom Production. More to come on that later...

First summer squash picking. Tastes like Summer...

ELEPHANT GARLIC (spelled big because it IS big)

Shallots. These are my first attempt at growing and now curing shallots. Grilled some fresh last night with some Tink's Beef Goat Gouda topped burger patties and sauteed Costata Romanesco Zucchinni and Elephant Garlic, Shallots and Onions. And some Fingerlings Potatoes ala Walker Farms to boot. It is meals like this that make the gardening life worthwhile.

We will have freed up quite a bit of Real-Estate at NF when the potatoes come out of the ground next week. Now for a late Spring and Early summer jump on more tomatoes, squash peppers okra and white acre peas. YUMMM

Monday, May 24, 2010

Central Park Community Garden Grand Opening

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Central Park Community Garden Grand Opening this past Saturday Morning. Mother Nature Christened the park with a nice little shower during our ceremony and brought the sun out for the festivities and demonstrations. A fellow gardener brought her camera and caught some images and footage of the day.

From CPCG Grand Opening

Composting Demonstration Parts on and Two